Hear from our students and their families!

Sol has been great. Aaron’s geometry grade has gone up. He is happy with the way Sol teaches him and he is able to grasp the material better.

Lila Mother of three and Multi-tasking Extraordinaire Wayne, NJ 2018 June 6, 2019

All Topics Tutoring helped us to select our tutor Suzy for after-school tutoring of our two kids.  Maryam the coordinator helped us through an interview process and we feel we now have the perfect fit for our two kids ages 8 and 11.  They both have very different needs and academic personalities but we now have a certified teacher who can help them with their individual areas for improvement.  Maryam and the whole All Topics team was professional and responsive during the search.  Thanks All Topics Tutoring!!

Eric and Gabrielle Parents of two beautiful elementary age students South Orange, NJ 2018 April 13, 2018

My son was having trouble reading for the last couple of years now and was below grade-level. After bringing in a tutor through All Topics Tutoring, we are happy he is progressing. He is starting to read
signs/take initiative without needing to sound them out. His tutor Rob plays games with him and he looks forward to it.

Loving Mom Andrea of Beautiful 7-year Old Jackson Summit, NJ, 2017 April 2, 2018

We hired All Topics through the one of our resources as my eldest grandchild Allison needed practice with her core classes until she returned to living with her mom. I can see a difference in her confidence after the first session.

Regina Grandma Paterson, NJ 2018 March 6, 2018

Our tutor Tom is very good (for my nephew Jason) and his Math. He knows other subjects as well and this comes in handy. He also helps with reading comprehension and has Jason do flash cards on his own to practice.

Candice Dedicated Aunt Franklin Lakes, NJ, 2017-2018 March 6, 2018

The tutoring was really helpful for me. You are so kind and friendly so I enjoyed your lesson.

Yolanda Vega Dedicated ESL Student West New York, NJ, January, 2018 March 6, 2018

I learned a lot this summer and expanded my horizons. Ofelia tutored me with Spanish conversational sessions. The lessons were great. I really did experience something new in my path. I’m very happy with All Topics Tutoring.

Allan St. Pierre Avid Reader and Transportation Professional Elizabeth, NJ, 2014 January 5, 2018

My All Topics Tutoring tutor provided totally invaluable help for my bar exam study. She had the right demeanor and personality for the job. I will definitely send any law school and bar applicants I know to All Topics Tutoring.

Henry Bahlinger University of California Graduate Apple Valley, CA, 2013 January 5, 2018

I have known Maryam for over five years. Since I met her, she has been a continuous source of support and we inspire each other to continue to help people. She provided essential support and guidance which helped to me secure a summer public interest legal services grant while in law school and has been a continuous mentor for as long as I’ve known her. Maryam has that rare ability to connect with people at vastly different stages in life — whether coaching mid-career professionals to evaluate all of their options to take that next step in their career or working with youth to develop language skills, Maryam inspires confidence and provides constructive feedback that demands results. It is only natural that she has taken this step to expand her reach by connecting families to tutoring consultants like herself, so that they can also light the path and pave the way to better opportunities.

Joanna Cuevas-Ingram U.C. Davis Law Graduate and Practicing Attorney San Francisco, CA, 2013 January 5, 2018

Maryam is a great person to go to when one is applying to any jobs or graduate institutions. She helped show me how to cater my resume towards specific jobs to ensure that it stood out. She was also great in getting ideas churning for an essay for law school. Her broad work experience and experience in the legal field proved invaluable. She made me feel at ease through the daunting process of applying to law schools. She also made sure to be an outlet for any concerns I had through this process and was a friend throughout it all.

Regina Park Seton Hall Graduate Clifton, NJ, 2014 January 5, 2018

My All Topics Tutoring tutor, Maryam, is an amazing tutor. She is one of a kind. My baby brother was giving everybody in my house a hard time. He never wanted to do his homework on his own because he is very pampered. I met Maryam and explained to her how this boy is giving everybody a hard time, but a miracle happened once Maryam walked through my doors because now he does his own work and Maryam taught him how to understand and write. Maryam is truly amazing. You won’t regret having her help your children. She is one of a kind and is the best. Thank you Maryam for everything.

Tamara Khalil Loving Sister of Four Fairfield, NJ, 2013-2016 January 5, 2018

My ATT Tutoring Consultant Mary was an absolute pleasure to work with! She was prompt in her responsiveness and was excellent in her assistance with my questions/concerns I had regarding the LSATs as well as the application process for Law School. Not only is she very knowledgeable, but she is also very sweet and easy to communicate with- I definitely recommend working with her.

Padma Sharma Rutgers Student Jersey City, NJ, 2013-2015 January 5, 2018

I was in need of a tutor for my son Tomás who transitioned to mainstream schooling at a competitive private school nearby where he recently enrolled. He previously had a reduced schedule and education plan to assist with his learning. I contacted ATT as I needed someone who was kind, perceptive and patient along with having the educational skills to help him as a tutor and homework coach with study skills and organizational skills in his classes. They connected me a tutor who was perceptive of his needs, used the time well to cover his subjects, and helped prepare him in advance for midterms. She even tutored him online when the weather was bad. Due to his hard work and the extra help, his grades returned to normal ensuring a smooth transition to his freshman year of high school.

Serena Geoffreys-Bland Mother of Two Butler, NJ, 2013-2014 January 5, 2018

The tutor I found through All Topics Tutoring, Pam, is amazing. The lead coordinator, Maryam, helped connect us with Pam and was very diligent and thorough throughout the process. She made sure all of our questions were answered. Pam is knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate in the attention she gives my two daughters (3rd and 6th grade). She assists with homework in Math, Reading, Writing, History, Science and Study Skills. Now they’re getting As, and my wife and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks All Topics for helping us out!

Two years later, we contacted All Topics Tutoring again when Pam had moved on to full-time teaching and after-school care, and due to her schedule was unable to continue. Yet again, All Topics Tutoring came through and quickly set us up with Natalie whom we are very happy with. Thanks again!

Michael Doss Father of Two Wyckoff, NJ, 2013-2015 January 5, 2018

We met our All Topics Tutor through the town library last year as All Topics Tutoring has a program there to provide tutoring services. After our tutor Maryam worked with my eldest daughter Christina on her schoolwork (math, reading and writing) monthly at the library, we decided to continue the services on our own so she could see Maryam more frequently.

Since working with All Topics, Christina’s confidence and skill level has vastly improved. She wasn’t getting what she needed in the classroom because those environments are often too big to focus on individual students who need some extra attention every day. I was not getting what I needed from her school teachers when I asked. I almost questioned if other parents don’t have the same requests because her school teachers weren’t responding quickly enough, or taking extra attention to her needs seriously. It felt maybe like they didn’t have the resources even when the teacher seemed more sympathetic. And Christina didn’t see eye to eye when I tried to tutor her myself. One of the ways Maryam helped us be more clear about the issues was by writing a short paragraph about what she saw as Christina’s special needs after being her tutor for several months. She also helped me be confident in asking for help at her school.

In tutoring sessions, Maryam helped Christina focus on where she needed extra schoolwork help. They practiced skills together, worked on homework help, improved her confidence. . . Her practice base and her knowledge of how to do math improved a lot. Maryam often times had to fit in a lot of subject areas and subtopics within each 45-minute or hour-long session. I appreciated that as Christina and I both had some subjects we want to make sure were covered.

Now my youngest daughter Sara often talks about wanting tutoring when she gets older too. All Topics helped Christina go the next level and properly address her needs. And this year is better with her teacher as we were able to start off with and set up clearer communication about Christina’s needs. She is in such a better place in school this year because of it!

Martha Martinez Father of dedicated sophomore twins Boonton, NJ, 2015-2016 January 5, 2018

We use All Topics Tutoring for our daughter Natasha for multiple subjects. We like and appreciate all of our tutors-they are very smart and kind. We especially love our chemistry tutor Sally. She left a great impression on Natasha, and we could tell that the first lesson was a great start. Natasha looks forward to seeing her tutors each week, and it’s made a difference. She took the top prize on a Chemistry Test two days ago, and that’s surely thanks to Sally and All Topics Tutoring.

Greg Oaker Father of dedicated sophomore twins Totowa, NJ, 2015 January 5, 2018

My daughter Sandra who was a B-A student and a very smart young lady needed enhancement in all subject areas, in reading comprehension and time management. She needed tools to make her studying more efficient. We approached All Topics Tutoring a year ago to help her improve and make the most of her skills. At first she was hesitant to work with a tutor because she thought it meant something was wrong. After working with her tutor Mary in just one session she realized that tutoring can help all kinds of students and she realized that Mary had common interests like playing team basketball. Since she started with All Topics, she has improved her time management, her grades and her attitude towards school. We continue to work with All Topics Tutoring every month to make sure that she is continuing to improve her time management each week with prioritizing homework and long-term projects over the many distractions that young teens have today. Sandra recently turned 13 and we are glad to continue her on this track so she can have great study habits to better prepare her for the competitive environment that she will face in high school. She also has Mary to turn to if she has a question in between sessions or needs homework help. I am so glad we are giving Sandra a head start for high school and in life by preparing her today for the challenges that lie ahead.

Matthew Nichols Dad of a lovely seventh-grader Verona, NJ, 2015-2016 January 5, 2018

My daughter, who is a junior in high school, started tutoring with her All Topics Tutoring consultant in July. Since the first few sessions, her confidence has improved dramatically. Although her tutors help her with SAT preparation, her grades have improved dramatically as a result of the tutoring as well. She is more motivated and now has a plan. She can now envision herself successfully achieving admission to the college of her dreams and is taking the necessary steps to get there. She enjoys and looks forward to interacting with her tutor as well. I am very excited for the future.

In this student’s senior year, she was admitted to her top-choice reach university with the help of All Topics Tutoring.

Lisa Levi Loving Mom of a successful college-bound high school graduate Kinnelon, NJ, 2014-2016 January 5, 2018

I am happy with All Topics Tutoring for my son’s writing, reading and comprehension. When I first met our tutor Ciara at the first session in our home, I thought she was on the quiet side. I was not sure how my son would react. He is energetic into sports but the tutoring is about him learning so I gave it a chance. I am glad I did because they do games in their lessons & by the 2nd session he is opening up to her and looking forward to it. I can hear him in the other room laughing during the sessions, and she is getting through to him and helping him with his writing. It is a good match. Last year the school helped my daughter with math at 7 am each morning before school started but this is much more convenient because the tutor comes to our home and my son John can keep up and improve his writing and reading comprehension during the summer. This will be good for his next year’s grade. He knows I care and work hard to get this tutoring for his grades. This is the only subject he need help. Thanks for the help!

Miranda Munoz Loving and hardworking mom of three Union, NJ, 2016 January 5, 2018

We brought in All Topics Tutoring for “Liz”, who needed in-home summer school tutoring in Biology after not passing her class during the school year. Liz is a high school freshman at a nearby private school and a foreign exchange student from China.

It was an uphill battle because this is Liz’s first year here in the United States, and she also needed to undergo tutoring in English during this time. It was not easy and Liz had to study like she never had before. Her tutor met with her almost every day for 2-4 hours at a time and she had homework, practice tests and exercises to do on her own.

She was re-learning a subject in one summer (30 hours) while also trying to improve her English language skills. It really helped that she felt comfortable enough to ask her tutor language-based questions. There was also a time constraint to wrap this up within a month’s time so that Liz could go back to China to spend time with her family and friends this summer.

With the excellent Biology tutoring by her All Topics Tutor (a certified teacher at another nearby high school) and All Topics Tutoring’s coordination and follow-up, she passed! We were thrilled with the outcome and relieved that Liz won’t have to retake this course or receive a failing grade. I definitely recommend All Topics Tutoring to my friends and family for their tutoring needs!

Karen Cruise Caring Host Mom of a International Visiting Student Livingston, NJ January 5, 2018

Maryam came into our home and met with my son Kendrick to do an initial assessment. He immediately felt comfortable with her. They worked on math and reading. The passage was about the solar system (He loved learning about the planets in school so it was a perfect choice for his age and grade level). I assisted along with Maryam to keep his focus on track as he has to work hard on paying attention and maintaining focus. They worked through the exercises and she got a sense of where he stood. By the end, he wanted Maryam to be his tutor but she matched us with Cassandra who is perfect for him. She is patient, experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable. Plus, she helps him concentrate for an hour straight at each session. He does not need any breaks during the lessons either. I am very pleased to see how this school year plays out for Kendrick.

Tia Woodward Loving and hard-working mom of a beautiful 3rd grader Oakland, NJ January 5, 2018

My daughters Brenda and Kyanna loved All Topics Tutoring. Kendra received SAT/ACT help to make the last leg of her studying for her tests more productive and strategically score point when she could not crack the tests any more on her own. We also used an All Topics tutor for her Calculus which has improved since. Brenda worked with a different All Topics Tutor for Chemistry who was knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and organized. The tutors even Skyped free of charge with my daughters in between sessions to make sure they were applying the principles they learned in their assigned practice exercises before the next sessions. I highly recommend All Topics Tutoring!!

Robert Shaw Proud father Millburn, NJ, 2016-2017 January 5, 2018

What can I tell you, our tutor Mrs. Chelsea is so great. We are very very happy with her. She is so nice. Our son Jordan is doing well in school now. [Our Coordinator] Maryam always makes us feel comfortable.

Laura Munoz Loving Mother of 3, Parsipanny, NJ, 2016 All Topics Parent for one year January 5, 2018

I got an B on my Calc II test and my tutor helped me prepare for it. The tutoring was very helpful. (I took the course before at a different school-I wasn’t able to pass as the professor was unclear in instruction, and the material was complicated. I’m glad I got a tutor this time as it seems to be paying off!)

Alexandra Walters NJ College Student, Mahwah, NJ All Topics Student since September 2017 January 5, 2018

I really liked my All Topics Tutor Tyrone. He went over parts of my Calculus class that my Prof did not cover in detail! Very helpful!

Kaitlin University of MD student majoring in Physiology and Neurobiology Specialization (PHNB), Class of 2021 January 5, 2018

I am studying for my MBA after working in my country as a Marketing Director 17 years ago. I have four children now and am a busy stay-at-home mom with tons to worry about. I hired two tutors through All Topics Tutoring to help me with my Microsoft Excel class for Business Managers. They spent hours working through the material with me and I worked very hard studying for tests and completing my projects. I was very happy when I found out I got the A that I worked so hard for. Thank you All Topics Tutoring and my tutors Jenny and Mary.

Rhonda Alvaro Busy loving mother of four beautiful children Hoboken, NJ, November 2017 January 5, 2018

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