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Early Training Equals Future Success

Elementary school sets the tone for future success and study habits. Good study habits are essential to academic achievement, but even the most dedicated elementary level students can struggle with focus, organization and prioritization.

Without proper guidance, mentorship or resources starting from an early age, many students can develop a defeatist attitude towards all academics going forward, and feel as if they are already set up to fail.

ATT tutors can connect your student with the tools to help them develop better study habits and gain self-confidence. The ATT Academic Model is based on working with your students’ existing curricula and school workload, helping them primarily with homework and other pressing academic goals. Our tutors support each student in improving their ability to organize, eliminate distractions, complete their homework and get better grades. Our goal is to help them ace their next report card, then build on their skills and self-confidence in order to successfully meet each new academic challenge.

With today’s high expectations and strict testing standards, many students will benefit from extra help. The good habits introduced by a private tutor can help students understand how to problem-solve and work through difficulties to achieve their academic goals.

One of ATT’s top priorities is ensuring that your student and their tutor have an excellent relationship. If after a session or two our tutor is not an ideal fit, we will make arrangements for another tutor. Many of our tutors are Special Needs experienced and/or certified, and will be able to work in conjunction with your student’s I.E.P. or 504 Plan.

Unlike the big tutoring chains, All Topics Tutoring does not require a battery of diagnostic tests with each new tutoring relationship.  Planting the seed for growth is the most important goal in the first meeting with your ATT Coordinator. Therefore, lengthy and expensive diagnostic tests are not a prerequisite at All Topics Tutoring

  • Our leadership has successfully navigated academia and earned advanced degrees while providing years of tutoring.
  • We truly understand what makes a good tutor because we have coached our own youth through the rigors of the academic arena, and understand the journey on a personal and family level.
  • ATT tutors are mentors with excellent credentials, including certified and licensed teachers with specialized and advanced skills as well as degreed professionals who have applied their academic knowledge in their professional practices.
  • Every ATT tutor has a minimum number of years of tutoring experience and has undergone a rigorous selection process including background checks.


Earth and Space
Force, Motion, and Energy
Scientific Investigation and Reasoning


Reading Comprehension
Synonyms & Antonyms
Sentences & Punctuation


Number Recognition
Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and Division
Problem Solving

Social Studies

US History
World History
Functions of Government
Concepts of Time and Chronology

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