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Maryam Sayyed has been involved in the tutoring industry as a tutor for over fifteen years.  She started All Topics Tutoring (“ATT”) in 2013 after matching a family in need with an excellent tutor after she could not take on the opportunity herself.  Because our company owner is a tutor and a mom, she understands the industry through and through from both sides of the coin.   All Topics truly believes that tutoring is an up-front investment that continues to pay off for life.  Getting through to a young child or teenager at a time when he or she is in need has shown to work wonders for his/her current and future success.  In fact, long-term All Topics Tutoring students* have shown marked improvement in their motivation, work ethic, drive and goals/visions for themselves in the future. Routine and frequent exposure to a compassionate, knowledgeable, experienced, enthusiastic and motivated mentor figure is often the driver that places students on the path to success.  Maryam aims to replicate that successful mentorship relationship with each tutoring connection she makes between a new family and an ATT tutor.

The advantage of using ATT is that all tutoring can occur at or nearby the comfort of your own home.  There are no centers to drive to and no mandatory expensive battery of diagnostic tests to take.  Additionally, the curriculum is tailored to what the student is learning in school rather than piling on extra work which may or may not translate into grade improvement because it does not necessarily bear relevance to your student’s school-learned techniques.  Finally, All Topics is different from the tutoring giants, chains and franchises not only because of the more reasonable and accessible pricing, but also because the small mom-and-pop-shop style.  ATT delivers that hand-holding experience with the investment-for-life philosophy.  Once you are an ATT customer, you are welcome to yearly consultations for life**.  Our company owner Maryam started a company because she wanted to fill a void between the tutoring giants at exorbitant prices and the very skilled full-time individual tutors who may need help connecting with the right families from time to time.  The goal of All Topics is to help people reach their fullest potential.  And there is no better way than with a tutor to help your student unlock the potential and achieve success!

*Long-term ATT students are based on the opinions of All Topics Tutoring of students who followed the recommended program for a year or more, completed all tutoring assignments, and typically parents/siblings engage in the learning and accountability process.
**These consultations may involve a nominal fee

Our Tutors

Elifsu Gencer

I tutor students of all ages in nearly all subjects and also assist in COOP/HSPT prep. My favorite subjects, though, are undoubtedly math and chemistry.

Sophia Cordeiro

Subjects: Elementary Ed (all subjects) and Middle School/High School Language Arts and English
Hobbies: Traveling, Shopping, Reading, Skiing

Skylar Reed

I am well versed in all subjects, but I mainly tutor STEM subjects such as chemistry, physics, and calculus courses. I enjoy sightseeing and hands-on community service projects, such as home rehabilitation.

Lauren Ahlert

Subjects: Biology, Math, SAT/ACT tutor
Hobbies: Exercise, designing and creating jewelry and clothes, and spending time with my husband, daughter, son and daschund.

Sener Alptekin

My preferred math subjects are Calculus and Linear Algebra. In my free time you will find me at gym, on the MMA mat or folding paper doing origami.

Robert Capriles

Experienced in SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, ISEE, SSAT exam preparation. I also teach and tutor: Spanish, English as a Second Language, vocabulary building, essay writing, history and mathematics.

Satjiwan Kaur

Satjiwan Kaur is a recent graduate of Rutgers university, where she earned her B.A. in Mathematics. She has been tutoring Math for high school students and college students for 3 Years now. She enjoys coloring, painting and solving sudoku puzzles in her down time.

Tyler Blundo

Tyler Blundo is an Electrical Engineering student. Tyler tutors areas of mathematics including differential and integral calculus, high school and college algebra, and differential equations. When Tyler isn’t tutoring, he enjoys attending live music performances.

Shon Davis

Subjects: Elementary Math and ELA for Middle/High School Math
Hobbies: Sports; Writing; Working out; spending time with my two sons

Alexandra Carmel

I tutor the following: Russian Language, ESL, Writing, Public Speaking, and the Sciences. I am a fashion designer and also have a teaching degree. Currently, I am in the process of getting a degree in Business. I love to spend time with my children, and if I have extra time, I like to read, draw, and cook.

Carla Dominguez

I teach Spanish and English as a Second Language (ESL) and K-5 Language Arts. I am also an educational coach for adults with specials needs. In my free time, I like to travel. Next destination: Ireland!

Nicole Riffel

Nicole Riffel tutors in French and Chemistry. She holds a Master of Science Degree from Cornell University which she earned after she graduated with High Honors from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She has worked at various tutoring centers and takes pride in helping students (both Honors and struggling students) to develop their potential and confidence.

Harsimran Kaur

I am an experienced tutor of students from kindergarten to high school in math and science. I graduated from NJIT in 2016 with my BS in biomedical engineering. I enjoy cooking, listening to TEDx talks and hiking when I am not working.

Jeremy Wallace

I graduated with my BS in biomedical engineering in 2016 and graduated with my Masters in biomedical engineering in 2017. I enjoy working with young adults and helping them achieve the greatest form of success that their potential can yield. I have tutored and mentored students over the past 7 years in math and science.

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