Does my child need to take any assessment tests before being tutored by All Topics Tutoring?

No. Assessment tests (which can be quite expensive and are often required in a learning center environment) are not a prerequisite at ATT.

Does All Topics Tutoring provide any learning materials for my student’s tutoring sessions?

We highly suggest that your student bring his/her school books or other related materials to all tutoring sessions. We can assist you in obtaining materials/books from your school or direct you to resources where you can purchase the appropriate materials.

Do you have a curriculum?

The ATT Academic Model is to work with students’ existing school and application workload. All Topics Tutoring strongly believes in helping students primarily with schoolwork and other pressing and relevant academic goals. ATT does not provide or advise students to follow a preselected mass curriculum that bears little to no relation to his upcoming goals.

Students today have endless choices between information and options to spend their time. But their and your time is extremely valuable! That is why ATT tutors wisely allot the time during their tutoring sessions towards meaningful and required benchmarks whether in the form of school assignments, standardized tests, applications or essays.

What qualifications do your tutors have?

Our Tutors: ATT tutors are mentors with excellent credentials, a desire to help and a passion for teaching and imparting knowledge. Our program spans a wide range of academic worldviews. Our tutors include certified and licensed teachers with very specialized and advanced skills. Our tutors also consist of experienced degreed professionals who have gleaned and applied academic knowledge from the textbooks before them to their professional practice. All tutors have a minimum of two years tutoring experience and have undergone a multi-step selection process including background checks.

Are there a minimum number of sessions that I have to commit to work with All Topics Tutoring?

Generally, there are no long-term contracts or arrangements required to work with All Topics Tutoring except for pre-payment for the first two sessions. A prepaid deposit for two one hour-sessions is required for every student’s first two sessions with ATT. We strongly suggest a minimum of four sessions in order to really see and evaluate progress. The minimum amount of time for each session is one hour.

What if my student does not like the tutor?

One of ATT’s top priorities is that your student and the tutor have an excellent relationship. If after the first session, the All Topics Tutor is not an excellent fit, we will make arrangements for another tutor. If at that time, you choose to not continue services with ATT, then the first session will not be charged (amount refunded).

Do your tutors work with learning disabled or special needs children?

Yes, many of our tutors are Special Needs experienced and/or certified and will be able to work in conjunction with your child’s I.E.P. or 504 Plan.

I have more than one child. Can you tutor them both within a single session?

All of our tutoring is facilitated through one-on-one sessions at this time. In order for our tutors to be effective, and for the students to benefit, we do not provide group tutoring.